National Parks

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Ruhuna National Park at Yala is Sri Lanka's most popular wild life safari destination. Situated about 300kM from Colombo the 1250 sq kM park is home to leopards, crocodile, elephant, deer, sambar, bear, wild bore, wild buffalo and peacock and may varieties of birds including migratory birds such as flamingos. The uniqueness of the park is it's many different habitat diversities such as dense jungles, lagoons and open park areas, a beautiful sea front and rocky outcrops


This is the latest addition to the National Parks. All species of water birds resident on the country and the migrant birds inhabit this Park.
There more than 400 species of birds are found in Sri Lanka, indigenous varieties as well as migrants which include peacock, the flashy jungle fowl, the serpent eagle, flamingo, bee-eater, many types of parrots, king-fisher, pond heron, malabar pied hornbill and spoonbil.l

Bundala wild life sanctuary where birds are seen in abundance. If you want to see migratory shorebirds in their thousands Bundala ramsar wetland is an ideal place. 


The Park is situated around a reservoir of the same name in the south central area. Once you arrive at the entrance to the park you board special 4 WD open safari jeeps and enter the park .Once inside you wind your way through some of the many paths the trekker guide will show you, close encounters with elephants, deer wild buffaloes, wild boar, monkeys and other species like peacock ,crocodile is a sight to see. Getting out of the jeep is not advised as many elephants lay camouflaged behind the tall grass!!


The extent of this National Park is about 8889 hectares. There are wetlands in this National Park, which have international importance. Minneriya is a hide-out for many elephants, where you could see herds of elephants approximately 50 to 60 in a herd. Animal and plant species, which are plenty in the dry zone, are found in this Park. Meanwhile wild elephants, samburs, donkeys, apes, Indian mouse, deer, mongoose, leopard, bats and reptiles like crocodiles, pythons, monitors and various amphibians and local and immigrant bird species are plenty in this Park. Bamboo trees, which are rare in other parks, are found in plenty in this park and wild elephants can be seen conveniently. The significant feature is that going close to them can see these elephants.


Wasgamuwa National park stands unique among the most of national parks in Sri Lanka and the only national park in the Central province where one could see elephants in their natural habitat