Calthorpe Park School Trip to Sri Lanka 2015

"We had another amazing trip this half term.


All the schools we went to, their welcome will live in my memory for a very long time.  They were so pleased to see us, and I think we were able to bring a little joy into their lives in just a short while.


 The trip was again an incredible experience despite having been before, every time is a different experience and brings new challenges and incredible experiences with working with the Sri-Lankan students.


Mr Walker a music teacher said he was struck by the creativity and imagination of the students in Sri Lanka. He felt that in England we have so much in the way of resources to aid our education that in some ways students are more inhibited here. For the UK students whilst in SL the lack of resources is a steep learning curve. There is no cupboard or stock room with a supply of scissors, glue or rulers.


 This trip is not a one way charitable mission. It is a two way process. The people we meet out in SL who have so little in the way of possessions give so much in the way of love, friendship, kindness and warmth to all they meet. Our students will never forget this experience."