Feedback from JAYDD customers. March 2018

We had an absolutely fabulous holiday in your home country.  We genuinely would like to go back, we felt so relaxed. My husband hasn't relaxed on holiday for a long time, and after the year we had last year it was absolutely brilliant.

I am sure we would want to go again.


The difference in hotels made the best ones amazing.   


Uday our driver was absolutely brilliant, Fiona and I grilled him about his life too, which was interesting, it is always fun going on holiday with a counsellor!  


His driving was great, and he always popped up when we walked out from wherever we had been visiting.  I really can't take the heat very well, so to be dropped off from A.C van and straight back into one was imperitive.  The only cloudy morning was luckily the Sygaria morning, so I could get to the top without the heat.


SL is absolutely beautiful, I love plants, so the trees, plants, fruit, flowers, colours were amazing.  We only had 4 hours in the Botanical Gardens in KANDY , we could have gone all day. 


We found the people lovely.  Our only issues were how long it takes to get orders! but we got more relaxed about that.  


Thank you again.